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Thursday, May 22, 2014

After the Long Winter

                   Though it's the middle of May spring has been a long time coming. I saw, so, that beauty is still here. The Raggedy Garden lies soft and faded and lovely. Perhaps it is now that I love it best.

                                                  Pear blossoms on the edge of the hill.
                                         A dandelion ready to be wished upon.
                                         A perfect sea shell, collecting the spring rain.
                                       The bird on the sun dial. Faithful and true.
 I got him for Christmas. The rain has filled his pool. He ain't goin' nowhere, because he weighs a ton!
                                  White hat. White ribbon. White rose. Garden d├ęcor.
            Wooden flowers. Some one carved them. The years have turned them muted and soft.
                                     The fringes of my  hammock. Faded , well used blue.
                           Bait bags. From days by the sea. A spot of soft color.
                                           Lovely old favorites for my kind of dirt work.
                               Lilacs beginning to open. Their fragrance rides the wind.
                         I love my old bricks. warm and smooth and standing the test of time.
A stash of pots. Waiting their turn. Yes. Summer is coming to the Raggedy Garden. The sun comes shining early and the rains wash the winter away. The wind blows sweetly and the leaves dance. The grass turns green and the morning dew is a kiss. Tonight there was a rainbow, a perfect  arch of color
 flinging its promise across the sky. Come sit with me, and we can dream, and talk a little and smile, and sigh. For days to come and days gone by.