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Sunday, July 8, 2012

July in the Raggedy Garden

               How it happened, I don't know, but it's July in the Raggedy Garden! Full blown, hot, windy, sweat stained, the sunlight is brash, the big fat bumble bees, and the busy little honey bees work through the blossoms. The birds nest are empty, the babies have flown, except for the wrens, who are busy and loud in their endeavors.
             Daylillies are en force. Is there any thing as tough as daylillies? This one got knocked down on the step and it just keeps opening a new bloom every day, gracefully reclining in the warmth and not minding at all how many times we step over it.
             The fairy roses and Ladies Mantle lean over the bricks, reaching for a shadow chair. Fairy Roses will bloom long into the fall, and they dry beautifully.
            The daisies shine, so clean and white, and petal-y. Don't you just want to do the "he loves me, he loves me not " game? I do! The screen house is finally up. The biggest job with that is sweet talking Boone to help me. He's so reluctant. I almost have to nag.... Any way, its up, and its so enjoyable. I found such a gorgeous table this spring at a sale. I couldn't wait to get it in there, and, yes. It's just what I imagined.
         Sweet? Yeah! It really keeps the bugs away in the evening, too, when the doors are zipped. It's delightful sleeping out here on sticky nights. The lights flicker and out side the lightning bus flash us. The crickets click us to sleep and if you wake in the night you can lie there and watch the stars and the whole universe turn slowly and surely into day. Then it's the bright and  morning star, Venus, and the birds start to twitter and the merry little breezes come drifting through.
            I love to use my old linens. Isn't this just wonderful? It looks like a water color painting. My jar of sea glass sits on it. Theres not much that can rival the loveliness of sea glass, the kind you have found yourself, walking the beach on a cold rainy day.
         The clothes dry quickly on the line, in July. I am enamored of sheets that smell of sunshine, and the east wind, and if I was more ambitous, I would have them fresh from the line every night!
         The garden house is warm and stuffy inside, but the small girls have hauled in the dress up trunk, and the boys know that there is towels in there, for when they play with the hose.
          In the Raggedy Garden, you can put on your muck boots, and slop, or you can put on your garden clogs, and go to work, or you can put on your dancing slippers, and go off with the fairies at dusk... I 'm waiting for you, don't be too long in getting here! August is just around the corner!

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  1. I am with you on the sheets. It would take effort for every night but oh the sleep would be pleasant. And the fairy dancing slippers...perhaps a Moonlight Ball?