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Monday, July 8, 2013

Charlottes Web

                                " "Come into my garden, said the spider to the fly....."

Walk on in. It's beautiful here.
      "If you have a garden and a library, you have enough."

   Full of summer.
        A sensitive plant
 in a garden grew,
        and the young winds fed it
 with silver dew,
      And it opened its fan-like leaves
 to the light
     And closed them beneath
 the kisses of night."
      Percy Byshe Shelley

.Patriot Hearts."Every heart beats true, for the red, white and blue.." My father was a veteran who cried every time he heard The Star Spangled Banner. My son in law, a more recent veteran has a hard time hearing the noise of fire works. Are we leaving a legacy to our future generations? Long may she wave!

I must go down to the sea again,
To the lonely sea and the sky.
And all I ask is a tall ship,
And a star to steer her by."


Linens on the line. Any laundry actually. Nothing smells so good. Nothing is more sleep inducing than sheets that are crisp and fragrant from sunshine and summer breezes.

This crab apple tree has a story. Looked like a puny twig, when we planted it. Grew into a fine shapely tree. Made lots of crab apple jelly, rosy pink sweetness, for toast. One slippery, slidey early morning there was a great pounding on our door. Sleepy eyed, we answer it. A very upset young man tells us he has just missed the curve, wiped out one of our cars and knocked down the tree. His car teeters on the edge of the hill, none the worse for wear. Thankfully, insurance takes care of the car. Tree, not so much. Insurance adjuster offers to buy a new tree. The iron horse cowboy sulks. No. He bought that tree for his young wife, its been a symbol of young love all these years. Money can't replace it. New trees can't replace it. So, he props it up, with stcks and baling twine. Lo and behold, it some how grows back together, and thrives. Beautiful, this tree. (If you ever see this, Matthew, thank you!)

Where the uncaged birds sing.
   "He will give beauty for ashes, joy for mourning, praise insted of heaviness, for the glory of God."
            Isaiah 61:3
Every morning I hear it, a great chorus of bird song, as the dawn breaks, and the sun sweeps over the hill.

                                                   Thanks for visiting. Come again!


  1. Mom, I remember the tree from my earliest memory, for ever apart of what makes your house, home. How lovely are the things that money can't buy or replace. From my heart to yours, Jen

  2. I love the pics mom. This was a beautiful blog.

  3. Nice visiting at your house this morning!