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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Eliza! Its too cold for tea in the garden, so we have it indoors. Eliza, Jo-lynn, Shanna, Samantha, and Charlotte. We have english muffin pizzas, fresh fruit, and rootbeer floats.
Our pretty, yummy desssert. It's Orange Dream Cream.

Little brothers and sisters get balloons.

We have Wild Berry Tea. The tea pot has a music box. It plays when you pour the tea, and stops when you put the tea pot down.

After we clean up the tea things, we plant pansies to bring home.

It's kind of messy... but its glorious fun, and Gram doesn't mind if we get soil all over the floor.

See? It's not that bad, it looks sort of pretty, don't you think?

Seeeing as it wasn't nice enough for outdoor gardening, Gram decorated the house like spring! We had alot of five year old fun, us girls. The moms didn't bother us too much, the boys played outside, even if it was cold, and the babies let us play house with them. Nobody wanted to have to go home, so thats a sign that it was a good party! Special thanks to Uncle Charlie, who let Charlotte skip school to join in the ruckus! God bless Eliza, and her number five year!


  1. You are a Blessed! Granny indeed. A treasure day forever!

  2. What fun! I wish Pippen could have been there! What we miss living far far away.

  3. What a fun Grandma! You have some lucky little kids there:) Cool teapot!!

  4. how beautiful....makes me wish I had some little girls to join in the teaparties. :)