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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Third Generation Sugar Makers Work Springtime Magic

                 This third generation has so much energy and knowledge, we are able to hand things over, and know they'll do a good job, and have fun. It so precious to see how we can hand down our way of life and our love of this wayof life to these beautiful sons and daughters of our sons and daughters. Sugar making is a lot of work, alot of hours, a lot of baking and cooking, alot of visitors, alot of music, alot of fun. There is nothing like the flavor of real maple syrup, I think it is instilled with a little fresh March air, a little wood smoke, a little of the damp muskiness of midnight, a little of the song of the red winged blackbird, a little of the love that swirls around the sugar house. I am thinking that all this adds up to that special flavor, and we can savor it all year long. I wish that when you watch this you will grin and a bit if a tear will smudge your eye, just because...